It has always been such a shame for me to appear with my girlfriends at the beach in my swimsuit... My friends had breasts obviously bigger than mine. Thanks to your cream, I can enjoy my time at the beach without thinking of it anymore! - Anchali, 23, Melbourne, Australia

I have always been a small B cup and have always thought about expensive surgery. However I tried your cream after talking to a friend and just after 3 weeks of applying it I have had to go out and buy a C cup bra!! I am so ecstatic I didn't't waste all my money going under the knife and I can't wait to see what another month or so will bring for my boobs! - Amy M, 26, Ontario, Canada

After having 3 kids my boobs never looked the same. They drooped something chronic and I got really upset with how they looked. I have been using Best Breast for 2 months now and the difference is incredible. They have really lifted and have also achieved a more rounder shape! Its hard to believe I have even had kids! My husband loves it just as much as me, thank you. - Gabrielle, 34, Liverpool, England

I purchased Best Breast for my 21yr old daughter. She had been on a diet and had lost a decent amount of weight but I noticed her breast size went down to a C cup from a DD. After 6 weeks her breasts grew back to a D cup & she also lost her old stretch marks which has been a big confidence booster for her. - Mia, 45, New York, U.S.A